The Company

In December of 2001 the three principals of the company met with an interest to manufacture and market gourmet food products. The principles are:

Max P. Duncan, President, former owner and manager of a regional brewery
Specializing in packaging proprietary and private label beverages such as beer,
malta, and wine coolers.

David D. Shumate, Vice President, inventor, and former owner and manager of a
concrete sealer and paint specialty manufacturer packaging proprietary brands.

James S. Hammond, Secretary/Treasurer, former officer and manager of an international distillery specializing in national and international proprietary and private label brands of foods, beverages and chemicals.

They determined an interest priority for Hot Sauce, Bar-B-Que Sauce, and Snack categories. So, the search was on! Veteran manufactures and merchandisers of quality consumer products, their path had already been beaten. They were looking for products with formula excellence which could be packages in superior yet unique packages that were practical, efficient, and economical to manufacture.

After extensive research and review a Hot Sauce and a Bar-B-Que Sauce formulas were chosen to develop. There formulas are old Florida family recipes which have won culinary awards on more then one occasion.

The Hot Sauce formula was chosen because; first, you taste a superb, sweet, peppery flavor; and then you get hit the heat you won’t soon forget. The formula uses only the highest grade of all natural ingredients with NO artificial flavoring or coloring: hence the name, Genuine Original Gourmet Hot Sauce. A clear bottle so the consumer can see the real color and numerous chunks for the one-of-a-kind pepper blend. A picture label of rich, vivid colors is “worth a thousand words” to describe the flavorful contents. The color coordinated cap is fitted with a pouring/drop style fitment to deliver just the right amount each, and every time. A tamper evident deal has the dual purpose of keeping the freshness in.

Now on to the Bar-B-Que Sauce and Snacks.

P.O. Box 477, Auburndale, Florida 33823-0477 USA

Phone/FAX: 863-967-4284


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